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T-shirts & Souvenir Sparkle Tokyo

TOKYO No1 Sales
T-shirts&Souvenir shop

SPARKLE first opened its store in Asakusa in 2011.
Now we have 2 stores in Asakusa and 1 store in Haneda Airport.

You can also find Sparkle original goods online and in the souvenir shops all over Japan.

We cover the whole process from the making to the sales of our souvenir goods.
Our original T-shirts are one of our main items we produce to entertain foreign tourists.

We pursuit high quality original items for a low price.
We offer Tokyo souvenirs to tourists from all over the world with the motto of “reasonable and amiable” and offer the happy memorable moment on your trip to Japan.

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Welcome to Japan💛
We provide useful information for your good trip.

Popular T-shirts that be found at Sparkle
We introduce our souvenirs along with the meaning and stories of unique Japanese graphics.

You will also receive useful information for Tokyo sightseeing including schedules of popular events.

Sparkle shares all sorts of things, even Japanese cultural issues, from its original point of view.

Sparkle Head office:1-37-2 Asakusa Taitou-ku Tokyo #111-0032 Japan


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