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As of November 2020, coronavirus infection is prevalent in Japan and around the world.

Sparkle, our actual store in Asakusa, has been operating in accordance with the infection prevention measures of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
The Haneda Airport branch is currently closed (opening date undecided).


“Preventing Infectious Diseases in Sparkle Stores.”

A photocatalytic virus removal system is in operation in store.

Sterilize the indoor air with powerful ultraviolet rays.
Sterilization by ultraviolet rays acts directly on the DNA and RNA that regulate cells and inactivates them, making it an effective means of sterilizing bacteria and viruses, even if they have mutated.



◆We will make sure that our customers and employees are fully aware of the need to wear masks.
◆We have several alcohol disinfectants in place.
◆We do not use public towels. Employees’ clothes are washed and cleaned daily.


Social distancing

◆We’ll service you from a social distance.
◆The accounting area uses splash-proof film.


Three Cs

◆Closed spaces with poor ventilation
◆Crowded places with many people nearby
◆Close-contact setting such as close-range conversations

Cleaning and disinfection of shops

◆Daily cleaning and disinfection, especially of frequently touched items
◆Wash your hands every time.


Physical condition management of Customers and employees.

◆Employees are required to maintain their body temperature daily and will not work when they are sick
◆Non-contact thermometers are installed in the stores.


Infection prevention poster for customers


Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) on coronaviruses

how long covid 19 can live on common surfaces