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Sparkle™’s commitment to sustainable environmental care


Sparkle™ began selling its products in Asakusa in 2011.
Our business is to provide products that are loved by people around the world.
With the global demand for sustainability in human activities, more and more companies are taking action.

As we witness the astonishing changes in the natural environment caused by environmental destruction, more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of eco-friendliness and sustainability in their daily consumption behavior.

As ecological activities limit our business activities, we have to take into consideration the environment.
As for souvenirs at tourist spots where we do business, manufacturers and retailers have yet to make much effort to be environmentally friendly.

Even in the world, tourist attractions are distinct from markets that are rooted in people’s daily lives, and are markets where people from different cultures enjoy different cultures.

Shopping troubles and scams involving pure tourists who want to enjoy different cultures have become a problem because they deceive innocent and pure tourists. In Japan as well, there have been cases of counterfeit goods being sold in tourist areas an  d goods being sold at prices higher than the list price. It is a sad reality.

At Sparkle™, we pursue hospitality on a daily basis to ensure that tourism is genuinely enjoyable.
90% of the T-shirts we sell at Sparkle are Oeko-Tex certified, which means they meet the highest environmental, safety, and labor standards in the world.
To date, we have sold more than one million eco-friendly T-shirts.
At Sparkle™, we try to save as much energy as possible when packaging our products in our stores and web store, and we use recycled packaging materials and no wrapping paper.

We use recycled materials for packaging and do not use wrapping paper. Until now, packaging for souvenirs has been common and considered acceptable, but as a result of our concern for the global environment, we do not individually package souvenirs.
For online sales, we use recycled paper bags for packaging and delivery.

Major online retailers have more than enough packaging, but by being considerate, we are acting with the global environment in mind, such as CO2 emissions from energy consumption necessary to protect and supply limited raw materials.
Even those made from recycled waste paper have the problem of a certain amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions due to the collection and transportation of the waste paper.

In recent years, plastic bags have been charged for in Japan. The problem of microplastics has been shown to cause hormone malfunction in us and other creatures of the earth, some of which interfere with reproduction and cause liver damage in fish.
Clothes and T-shirts are actually made of petroleum products. There are various types of polyester and acrylic, but when washed, they become microplastics and are washed into the sewage system.

These facts are not reported by the major dealers or media. We would like to improve the situation little by little from awareness.

In Japan, people used to use hemp to wear clothes that do not burden the environment. We will continue to make new proposals, thinking that this perspective is also important.

At Sparkle®, we believe that if discrimination, prejudice, violence, power, and selfishness were eliminated from the world, it would be a more wonderful world.

So if I am going to do business in society, I will solve this problem and build a better future for ourselves.
画像に alt 属性が指定されていません。ファイル名: sdg_poster_ja-640x452-1.pngFrom 2015 to 2030, we will work hard to achieve various goals for sustainable development, including poverty and hunger, energy, climate change, and a peaceful society.

Reference page
SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals): Making original T-shirts with environmentally friendly material.