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Original T-shirts

Sparkle uses safe and harmless T-shirts (certified by OEKO-TEX standard).

We constantly handle over 200 patterns for the most popular T-shirts and sell approximately 200,000 units a year.

Please check our graphics and prices (selling prices) of some of the T-shirts we handle at Sparkle.

The most popular Sparkle T-shirts as major Tokyo souvenirs.

The bold and simple design can be associated with Japan at a glance.

We offer the widest range of line-ups and graphic varieties in Tokyo and we handle sizes from kid’s up to adults’ (XXL).

The T-shirts are printed and inspected in Japan, 100% natural cotton made, and comfortable wearing.

Katakana T-shirt, Kanji T-shirt, Japanese T-shirt, Flag T-shirt, TOKYO T-shirt, JAPAN T-shirt

Tee CAP・Clothig/Socks FrigeMagnet/KeyRing/Stickers

JP miscellaneous goods tableware